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Patent Owners Win Some Ground - Software that Improves Computers is Patentable

After so many decisions by the Federal Circuit that said software patents are not patentable, things have turned a bit. And software patent owners may have gained some ground. Read more...

What the Federal Circuit Givith, the Federal Circuit Taketh Away - Photo Sharing is Not Patentable

Just days after the Federal Circuit gave hope to software patent owners in Enfish. the Federal Circuit took away that hope in TLI Communications v. AV Automotive. Read more...

Stopping False Advertising in the US-Even When You Do No Advertising in the US

In the Fourth Circuit case of Belmora v. Bayer, Belmora marketed a product in the US called FLANAX. Bayer marketed a similar type of product in Mexico called FLANAX. Read more...

New Federal Trade Secrets Law

The new Defend Trade Secret Act (DTSA) now gives employers a new tool to enforce, in federal court, trade secret requirements against departing employees. Read more...

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