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Federal Trade Commission Report on Patent Assertion Entities aka "Patent Trolls"

The FTC recently published its nearly 300 page report on what patent assertion entities (PAEs) do and their affect on commerce. Read more...

Singers Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears Denied Attorney Fees in Patent Infringement Suit

Large Audience Display Systems sued Timberlake and Spears for infringement of a panoramic imaging and display system. Read more...

More Than 600 Words is Too Much for a Trademark

Prema Light filed a trademark application. It contained about 660 words and more than 90 character names. Read more...

Musicians Kanye West and Jay-Z Did Not Infringe "Made in America"

The court had to decide if there was "substantial similarity" between Joel Mac's "Made in America" and the musicians' "Made in America." Read more...

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