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USPTO Reports on Patent Eligible Subject Matter

What is patentable subject matter continues to be elusive for patent owners, the courts, and the USPTO.
A July report by the USPTO summarizes the evolving case law from the US Supreme Court on what is patentable, especially in the life science and computer technologies. However, the report lacks suggestions on how patent owners can better address the patentability issues. Read more...

Regeneron's Inequitable Conduct Bars its Patent Enforcement

Inequitable conduct during the prosecution of a patent application - even as to just one patent claim - bars enforcement of the entire patent.
The withholding of a prior art reference may be inequitable conduct if there is materiality and intent. Read more...

William Adams of the Black-Eyed Peas Cannot Register "I AM"

William Adams is the front man for The Black Eyed Peas. His company,, sought trademark registration of "I AM" for clothing, jewelry, sunglasses, cosmetics, and services. The trademark office rejected the application based on a likelihood of confusion with prior registrations for "I AM". Read more...

Do You Have a Claim For Trademark Reverse Confusion?

Marketquest sold promotional products and owned registered trademarks for "All-in-One" and "The Write Choice".
BIC used the phrase "All-in-One" and "The WRITE Pen Choice for 30 Years". Marketquest sued for trademark infringement. Read more...

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