Gary Rostomyan

Mr Rostomyanís technical areas of experience include: analog, digital, and RF/Microwave/mmWave circuit design, electronic design automation, dynamic nonlinear hybrid systems and control, embedded systems, wireless communications, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), neural engineering, computer-assisted tomography, medical devices, database design, Internet-related applications, IoT, and distributed systems.

Mr Rostomyan worked as an electrical engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA) where he helped develop a high speed LDPC Encoder/Decoder. Mr. Rostomyan also worked on designing and testing advanced implantable neuromodulatory devices at Boston Scientific. Moreover, he designed LTE dual band MMIC Power amplifiers at Skyworks Solutions.

Prior to joining Shimokaji IP, Gary worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies helping them to secure IP protection.

Following graduation from the University of California, Los Angeles with a bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, Mr. Rostomyan received his Masterís degree from University of California, school of engineering in Electrical Engineering. Currently, Mr. Rostomyan is pursuing his Ph.D in Systems and Industrial Engineering from the University of Southern California.