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QUESTION: Similar trademark with an S at the end. Can and Should i oppose? I've got a recently registered trademark under IC 041. US 100 101 107 classifications that someone attempted to purchase from me. However after I flat out rejected their offer they went ahead 2 weeks later and registered the SAME trademark name but with an S at the end of it under a different classification of IC 036. US 100 101 102. For example is my trademark was: AVIOITO they then went and registered their under AVIOITOS with the S at the end and the classification being the only difference. My question is: 1. Will the trademark office allow this to go through? 2. Are they infringing upon my mark? 3. Should I look to file an position? 4. What's the best approach to dealing with this?

ANSWER: Though not definitive, the substantially same trademark used in a different class of goods or services may be allowed by the trademark office. And since they are different goods/services, there is likely no consumer confusion that would equate to infringement. 

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