Elaine M. Recommends Michael Shimokaji

Where do I begin...I guess I will tell you about our experience with the Shimokaji LP firm. We were in a very bad predicament, that would affect our family's future. We were told straight out what might be the very best scenario along with the very worst outcome. It was tough to take in, but so necessary in order to prepare for it. During this time if we had any questions or wanted to know what was happening, big or small, we would email Michael Shimokaji. He would get back to us ASAP, at most 24 hours or less, and in some cases it would be in minutes (I couldn't believe it))!! Well I'm sure you would like to know our outcome. We couldn't believe it when he told us. With Michael's great negotiating skills , it was even better than we could even hoped for. It didn't affect our family's future!!! Words can't express how lucky and grateful we are to have had them on our side. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

– Elaine M.

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