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One of the firm's technology expertise is in health care. This includes medical devices, med tech, digital health, diagnostics, and drugs.

We believe in the importance of giving back to the health care technology community. Some of our giving back includes serving as an expert-in-residence for The West Coast Consortium for Technology in Pediatrics (CTIP). They are committed to advancing pediatric medical devices.


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"I found [Shimokaji] to be very creative and insightful in [his] approach, I have also recommended [Shimokaji] to a few of my CEO friends as well.  I know I can trust his recommendations and his approach to my problem."

"I have used Michael and his firm to handle many high tech IP matters (engineering to medical devices) over the last few years and have been greatly impressed with the quality and efficiency of the work performed. As such I see no need to hire the more high profile firms that simply perform the same but charge considerably more." 


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