Intellectual Property


Our expertise is in intellectual property - specifically patent and trademark matters.

We limit our areas of legal practice so that you receive a high level of expertise. We are not general practice attorneys trying to provide you with advice in all areas of the law.


"I found [Shimokaji] to be very creative and insightful in [their] approach, I have also recommended [Shimokaji] to a few of my CEO friends as well.  I know I can trust his recommendations and his approach to my problem." 
 —CEO of Medical Device Company
"There are many reasons why Shimokaji IP has become our preferred law firm [for litigation matters].  We always get an honest and realistic assessment of the situation.  Communication is always open and straightforward.  And most importantly:  TRUST  TRUST  TRUST.  We can trust Shimokaji IP to always give us 100%." 
—CEO of Advertising Products Company

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