• We represented a software company in a patent infringement matter against a foreign parent company and its affiliates both abroad and in the United States. The patent-in-suit covered apparatus and method claims that related to the graphics and printing industry. We obtained an early settlement for our client that included an initial payment with potential downstream payments over several years, having a total dollar value in eight figures.
  • In the area of special effects for the movie industry, our client brought a patent infringement suit against its competitor. The suit impacted the major movie studios and how they produced background crowd scenes. We were able to settle the suit favorably for our client a couple of weeks prior to trial.
  • Our client was a major producer of commercial lighting products who was sued by multiple plaintiffs in multiple suits for patent infringement. At stake was our client's major product line which affected movie theatres across the United States. We were successful in resolving all suits prior to discovery with minimal payments by our client.
  • As a maker of loudspeakers, our client was sued for patent infringement. We were able to convince the plaintiff that another competitor posed a greater threat to plaintiff's market share and reached an early settlement with a minimal payment of money, while still allowing our client to sell its remaining inventory.
  • Our client was a nutraceutical company sued for declaratory judgment of non-patent infringement. Upon our filing of a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction and expedited discovery, we convinced the plaintiff to voluntarily dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice.
  • In another declaratory judgment action for non-patent infringement filed by a pharmaceutical company against our client, we persuaded the plaintiff to dismiss their complaint before we answered the complaint.
  • In a patent infringement and trade secret lawsuit, we defended our client who made irrigation products. Unable to reach a reasonable settlement, we tried the case to a defense verdict.
  • In the cosmetics industry, our client was accused of trade secret theft. After unsuccessful attempts at settlement, we tried the case to a defense verdict.
  • In another trade secret lawsuit, our client, a medical device manufacturer was accused of trade secret theft upon some of plaintiff's ex-employees becoming employed by our client. We are able to persuade our client's insurance carrier to provide coverage for the lawsuit and eventually pay the plaintiff to settle the matter.
  • In a patent infringement matter, we represented the Taiwanese patent owner of electronic components against a Taiwanese competitor having offices in the US. We filed the lawsuit in California. In addition to its US sales office, we sought to include as defendants the Taiwanese parent company and its China-based manufacturing facility. After preliminary discovery, and without a significant expenditure of attorney fees, our client was able to satisfactorily settle the lawsuit.
  • For a national fast-food franchisor, we were part of team to successfully implement a trademark enforcement program involving ex-franchisees. The program involved friendly attempts at resolution, more forceful cease and desist letters, and then the initiation of litigation.
  • We worked with an international toy maker in developing its trademark portfolio and licensing program, while handling its several opposition and cancellation proceedings in the US and abroad.
  • In a similar fashion, our representation of a West Coast restaurant chain involved the selection, clearance, and registration of their marks, as well as TTAB opposition proceedings.
  • In a trade dress infringement lawsuit, we represented a then beach-oriented restaurant company whose ex-employees started a competing business. The matter proceeded to the start of trial but settled shortly thereafter. Our client continues to use its distinctive trade dress, is now found in shopping malls, and the ex-employees no longer compete with our client's trade dress.
  • For a foreign client who was sued in the US over the ownership of a trademark, we quickly resolved the matter by having the court dismiss the lawsuit based on the absence of jurisdiction over our client. We are currently representing this client in a TTAB cancellation proceeding where the issue is focused on abandonment of the mark.
  • Our client in Asia asserted its patent rights against a US infringer in the musical instruments industry. It was done so at a cost far below the national average of patent litigation according to the American Intellectual Property Law Association.
  • For a US based company with operations in Asia, we defended against the plaintiff's allegations that our client infringed the former's trademark based on the mark appearing in advertisements in an online portal which our client did not control.

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