Client Testimonials


"My experience . . . could not have been better. Every person I dealt with was personable, patient and thoroughly knowledgeable. They walked me through the process and addressed my every question in a manner that made me feel as though they had a personal stake in my success. When entering the daunting world of patent preparation and application, such treatment gave me the confidence that I was in trustworthy hands." J. Mitchell

"The experience I received . . . was simple to the point and professional" Y. Murphy

"Living in Florida, it was hard for me to ever imagine working with a law firm in California. . . . After obtaining legal assistance from [them], I felt right at home. . . . With all the questions I had, customer service was a real plus as ALL of my questions were answered promptly and professionally. I plan to continue using [them] for all of my future patents." W. Jones

"We were very pleased with the effort by [them] to get us thru as quickly as possible. They were very responsive and always answered our questions in a professional manner. I would certainly use them again." J. Polt

"The services I have received . . . have been excellent. I am confident that my interests have been represented well and are fully protected. They have been professional, friendly and patient. I would use them again when filing for a patent." R. Grossman

"I . . . was provided clear, concise consultation. . . . I would recommend [them] for any Patent needs, especially if you were like me and had no prior experience with the process of patenting." M. Foresta

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