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Jason T.

I have used Michael and his firm to handle engineering patent (automobile engine component). Michael was courteous, a good listener, and patience. Michael takes times to smooth out all my patent claims detail through web meeting due to Covid. Due to the nature of my patent there are a lot of minor details that have to be addressed, and Michael is thorough and walked me through the whole process. The cost is better than other larger firm that offer similar service. Michael is attentive, responsive, and accessible to answer all my questions which is rare for lawyers. Michael is straight forward and knowledgeable and know how, and timeliness I was able to file my patent in a short time frame (faster than I expected). Overall, Michael delivered quality and timely service.

Ashamad H.

Very easy to work with and even had prerecorded videos to give background info prior to our meeting.

Esmaeil P.

Wonderful and professional service for patent application. Working with Michael was a great experience. He was prompt to reply when I requested his services; everything was executed in a timely and highly professional manner while giving me space to make my own inputs and comments. Would certainly recommend their services!

Sean H.

An excellent attorney and group, prompt, responsive, intelligent. I've used them on two occasions and each time I have been impressed with the quality and responsiveness. Highly recommend.

Kerry B.

Michael is extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with and stays on time and budget. I will continue to work with him on our future patent needs.

Bidjan G.

I recently retained Shimokaji IP for filing a Provisional Patent with USPTO. During this process, I found (Michael) Shimokaji quite accessible and attending to my requests promptly. As result, the filing was completed in a very short period of time. Michael went well beyond the scope of our Retention Agreement to make sure that the Claims listed in the patent application covered my idea safely and properly. Amazingly, it was all done at a very competitive rate! This has been a very good experience for me. I strongly recommend Shimokaji IP, and will definitely seek their services for my future IP needs.

Huan Q.

Michael was super helpful in making sure I had all of my ducks in a row when starting my business. I had so many concerns and questions, but he was very patient and made sure I understood everything and cleared up all of my worries. Highly recommend!

Hunter F.

Michael Shimokaji knows his field extremely well and was able to answer all of my complicated questions regarding patent law - both in physical products and software. I trust he is advising me based on what's best for my company. His firm is responsive and fast and I will be doing more business here.

Henzo Z

I've went to several patent firms around orange county and los angeles and I found this firm to be one of the best. If you need a patent or trademark done this is where you go to.

Kid Scoop

Michael Shimokaji was a great help with a trademark issue our company faced. He listened very carefully, offered succinct advice and option. And, what really mattered to me, provided much needed perspective on what an appropriate level of response would be. I recommend him very highly.


Monica W.

Michael is a highly skilled professional. His turn around time is very fast, his attention to detail is excellent. We so enjoyed working with him and his team !

Shu L.

Michael has extensive experience, very professional, and also extremely nice. The project we worked together was time sensitive, and he provided excellent services within fairly short amount of time. It gave us a lot of confidence when working with a patent attorney like him.

Drora S.

Michael is one of the most professional, efficient and flexible lawyers. When being in urgent need for a lawyer help, Michael was a beacon of hope to me. He offered his help without delay, and we finish the task in 2 days. He finished in a swift what should have taken months. His attitude and professional support to your exact needs are outstanding and impressive.

Monica W.

Michael is a highly skilled professional. His turn around time is very fast, his attention to detail is excellent. We so enjoyed working with him and his team !

Shu L.

Michael has extensive experience, very professional, and also extremely nice. The project we worked together was time sensitive, and he provided excellent services within fairly short amount of time. It gave us a lot of confidence when working with a patent attorney like him.

Rachel B.
Michael was amazing to work with and I highly recommend him. I reached out regarding my small business; he was quick to respond, very helpful, and no question was a dumb question. I am walking away with solid actions that I wouldn't have thought of on my own and feel right based on the current size of my business, as well as how we can utilize his services in the future as my business grows.
CEO – medical device co.
I found [Shimokaji] to be very creative and insightful in [his] approach, I have also recommended [Shimokaji] to a few of my CEO friends as well.  I know I can trust his recommendations and his approach to my problem."

I have used Michael and his firm to handle many high tech IP matters (engineering to medical devices) over the last few years and have been greatly impressed with the quality and efficiency of the work performed. As such I see no need to hire the more high profile firms that simply perform the same but charge considerably more.
Mike D.
Very quick, timely work, with a thorough explanation of what was being done. We have only done one submission with Shimokaji so far, but will be back for more. Thank you!
Leo D.
I met with Michael Shimokaji at the 2019 PEDS 2040 conference in Huntington Beach, CA. I truly enjoyed my interactions with Michael. He was a wealth of knowledge as well as a very kind person in general. He not only helped me with the questions I had concerning his expertise in patent law but also recommended some connections that will hopefully help to further develop my product and business. Thank you Michael.
Jennifer P.
It's was truly a pleasure working with Michael! He was very professional, knowledgable, and strategic during our meeting! He provided valuable insights into possible pitfalls the company might face when working with the US Patent office and the FDA. He reviewed my patent and was able to identify weaknesses and strengths quickly and then translate the "legal language" in easier terms to comprehend. Well done!

Eli Z.
I continue to work with Shimokaji because of trust, respect, and client interest. They consistently take the time to speak with me at length to determine what is in my (the client's) best interest, not theirs. Once they start work, I can trust they are taking care of everything so I do not have to worry. And during the work process, they respect my input and views. I've worked with many other lawyers but none provide the level of both competence and service as Shimokaji. I would refer Shimokaji to any of my colleagues.
CEO – advertising products co.
There are many reasons why Shimokaji IP has become our preferred law firm [for litigation matters].  We always get an honest and realistic assessment of the situation.  Communication is always open and straightforward.  And most importantly: TRUST  TRUST  TRUST.  We can trust Shimokaji IP to always give us 100%
Elaine m.
Where do I begin...I guess I will tell you about our experience with the Shimokaji LP firm. We were in a very bad predicament, that would affect our family's future. We were told straight out what might be the very best scenario along with the very worst outcome. It was tough to take in, but so necessary in order to prepare for it. During this time if we had any questions or wanted to know what was happening, big or small, we would email Michael Shimokaji. He would get back to us ASAP, at most 24 hours or less, and in some cases it would be in minutes (I couldn't believe it))!! Well I'm sure you would like to know our outcome. We couldn't believe it when he told us. With Michael's great negotiating skills , it was even better than we could even hoped for. It didn't affect our family's future!!! Words can't express how lucky and grateful we are to have had them on our side. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Steven k.
Very professionally run staff that supports the client with both courtesy and experience based recommendations. They were very attendant to my needs and the process was quicker than I anticipated. I would highly recommend this firm for any inventor or "tinkerer" that needs guidance on a roadmap for patenting their invention.
Pauletta p.
Knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Easy to work with and very responsive. Will definitely work with Shimokaji IP again for our IP needs.

J. mitchell
My experience . . . could not have been better. Every person I dealt with was personable, patient and thoroughly knowledgeable. They walked me through the process and addressed my every question in a manner that made me feel as though they had a personal stake in my success. When entering the daunting world of patent preparation and application, such treatment gave me the confidence that I was in trustworthy hands.
R. grossman
The services I have received . . . have been excellent. I am confident that my interests have been represented well and are fully protected. They have been professional, friendly and patient. I would use them again when filing for a patent.

W. Jones
Living in Florida, it was hard for me to ever imagine working with a law firm in California. . . . After obtaining legal assistance from [them], I felt right at home. . . . With all the questions I had, customer service was a real plus as ALL of my questions were answered promptly and professionally. I plan to continue using [them] for all of my future patents.
Dimitrios K.
Great to work with, very knowledgeable. Straight shooter - will tell you things as they are, no sugar coating. Great customer experience. Thank you.
Darryl F.
Friendly knowledgeable and patient with first time patent filing.
M. Foresta
I . . . was provided clear, concise consultation. . . . I would recommend [them] for any Patent needs, especially if you were like me and had no prior experience with the process of patenting.

J. Polt
We were very pleased with the effort by [them] to get us thru as quickly as possible. They were very responsive and always answered our questions in a professional manner. I would certainly use them again.
Y. Murphy
The experience I received . . . was simple to the point and professional.

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